Sinapsi website restyling

28 June 2021

The website restyling arises from Sinapsi need to acquire a new online image and give visibility to all the innovative dispensers and units for PPE and MRO items.
The new site has been renewed from a graphic point of view – with a design that respects the institutional colors – and from a technical point of view too with a simple and intuitive navigation for increasingly connected users, and with reorganized menu, enriched with contents

The features of Sinapsi website restyling

In the new Sinapsi website, navigation is user-friendly, starting from the well-structured menu, in which the new items, object of the restyling are evident:

  • In The types of solutions and services offered by Sinapsi are highlighted on the homepage.
  • The “About us” section describes the evolution of the company in her 20 years of history and the know-how in the industry automation and in the development of accompanying software.
  • The heart of the website restyling is the “Solutions” section, which presents the dispensers’ and cabinets models in depth, giving the possibility to download the relative complete technical data sheet.
  • Discover the brand new “Demo” section dedicated to management software that manages inventory and all functional aspects of machines in Cloud for which you can request a demo.
  • Finally, in the “News” section you can consult all the latest news from the world of PPE distributors and cabinets.

Sinapsi’s bilingual, user-friendly website

In order to provide the best users navigation the site contents are concise and immediate. With the use of responsive technology, the site can be navigated from any device both in Italian and in English.

Discover the restyling of the Sinapsi website!

With the new Sinapsi showcase you will be able to discover online all the solutions available in order to optimize company operational processes and procedures related to logistics

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