Available L30-S, the new Stand Alone PPE distributor cabinet

3 June 2021

The new L30-S dispenser is available, a Stand Alone equipment consisting of 30 compartments that does not require any connection to a vending machine.

It is supplied with a 10 “Touch Screen, badge reader, GSM modem with SIM included, LAN adapter and USB port for WI-FI adapter (optional).

How the Sinapsi L30-S dispenser works

The L30-S unit can be customized by joining the doors (maximum four per group), allowing to create compartments with different sizes.

The unit can be integrated and connected with other L32 and L16 model units (maximum eight modules).

It enables the product return function and it is entirely managed by the Software in cloud as a T series Vending Machine.

Click here to consult the complete technical data sheet of the L30-S cabinet!

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