L32, the 32-compartment unit that completes the PPE dispenser

The accessory unit with its 32 compartments, completes the Sinapsi PPE touch screen dispenser, automating the distribution of safety equipment in the company. It is an integral part of the dispenser and could be easily customized according to the needs.

The technical features of the 32-compartment wardrobe

Dimensions and weight
Height: 183 cm
Base: 75 cm
Thickness: 50 cm
Weight: 200 Kg ca
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser

How it works

Sinapsi 32 compartment unit L32

“The 32-compartment accessory unit easly connects to the dispenser through a network cable, allowing the withdrawal of the most voluminous PPE products, such as shoes, helmets, clothing and equipment: it is possible to customize compartments according to specific needs by combining them up to a maximum of 4.

The combination of L32 and T07 / T10 allows the supply and return of products, creating an efficient automated warehouse.”

The benefits

32-compartment unit for your PPE dispenser

This type of accessory unit of the Sinapsi dispenser has multiple advantages.

Availability of up to 32 independent compartments with the possibility of return

Wide configuration flexibility, depending on your safety needs

Remote and easy consumption control, accessible from any smartphone

Online management software

Full consumption reporting without the need for software installation

“The L32 accessory unit of the PPE dispenser with its 32 compartments will ensure the company optimal supply management even of the more bulky safety devices, in order to ensure safe and efficient manufacturing.

Thanks to the telephone customer service Sinapsi technicians will simplify the correct usage of the management software, the system configuration and the identification of any troubles in the unit.”

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