T07, PPE automatic dispenser with 7" touch screen

The PPE dispenser with 7″ touch screen is one of the Sinapsi solutions which facilitates company safety equipment distribution: with its simple and intuitive interface, it guarantees numerous benefits for internal company logistics.

The technical features of the 7” touch screen PPE dispenser

Compartment size A B
6 60° divisions 85 330
12 30° divisions 40 162
18 20° divisions 26 108
24 15° divisions 19 81
36 10° divisions 10 50
Maximum capacity 432
Maximum plate capacity 36 prodotti
Minimum plate capacity 6 prodotti
Number of plates 12
Average absorbed energy 50 W/h
Power supply 230 Vac
Dimensions and weight
Height: 1830 mm
Base: 710 mm
Thickness: 750 mm
Weight: 200 Kg approx.
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser

How it works

T07 automatic PPE dispenser

The PPE dispenser with 7″ touch screen is simple to manage in all stages, from the withdrawer identification and the selection of PPE products to the consumption reports. The dispenser releases the products to the assigned personnel; the employee uses their personal badge (magnetic, bar-code or proximity) and chooses the desired product.

The machine releases the product and records the transaction data (date and time of release, product, withdrawer registration number) in an online database. The security manager can limit usage by product and set up withdrawal authorizations according to each employee’s needs.

The owner of the system can view the data by accessing a dedicated website with its personal password and can export the data in multiple formats.

The advantages

7" touch screen dispenser

The automatic PPE dispenser with 7″ touch screen is widely configurable according to the business needs and has many advantages.

Remote control and monitoring of machinery and equipment dispensed

Controlling worker body temperature (optional module)

Activation of the red light if the drawer is left open

Reduced withdrawal time, for increased worker productivity

Automatic positioning on the first available product

24 hours products availability, at any working hours

More than 400 items available in different categories, from the smallest to the largest and most delicate ones

Email or text message alerts for low inventory levels, attempted tampering and engine blocking

30% reduction in consumption, transport and storage costs

GSM/ GPRS connection with the possibility of WiFi/ LAN connection (optional)

Association with a cost center for each transaction (optional)

The Sinapsi PPE automatic dispenser with a 7″ touch screen and with a simple and intuitive interface will allow you to automate all the PPE distribution procedures in the company, to have a broader vision on how to standardize your business processes, to understand better the company workflows, to trace the devices used and the quantities dispensed.

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