D10 the PPE countertop dispenser

Desk is the PPE countertop dispenser by Sinapsi, created for those personal protection devices that are too bulky to fit into the dispenser or into a Sinapsi storage unit module.

The technical features of the Desk dispenser

Dimensions and weight
Height: 22 cm
Base: 36 cm
Thickness: 8 cm
Weight: 2 Kg
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser

How it works

Desk, the PPE countertop dispenser of Sinapsi

“The Sinapsi Desk has a 10 “”touch screen where it is possible to select the product categories to be dispensed, a badge reader (Rfid, barcode, magnetic strip) for the identification of the withdrawals and a wireless barcode gun useful for product selection and instant inventory registration.

The products can also be generated without the barcode gun, through the customer’s online platform.

The desk is managed through an online platform: like any other Sinapsi device, when a new account is created, Sinapsi provides the login credentials to be entered in the dedicated area on our site.

Every action made on the portal must be communicated through a query to the Desk in order to be fulfilled. The query is carried out via GSM / GPRS: if the Desk location is out of network coverage it is possible to connect the Synapsi Desk to the company network with the configuration of data transmission via LAN or Wi-Fi.”

The advantages

PPE Desk dispenser D10

The PPE desk dispenser by Sinapsi has a series of features that correspond with its main advantages for companies.

Setting of different withdrawal frequencies for each employment position

Differentiation of withdrawals for each position

Association with a cost center for each transaction (optional)

Visualization of individual PPE deliveries through various filters

Consumption control of PPE codes

GSM/ GPRS connection with the possibility of WiFi/ LAN connection (optional)

The Desk dispenser can work in line with classic dispensers, sharing the same database and management or web reporting.

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