L30-S, the Stand Alone 30-compartment dispenser unit

“The Sinapsi L30-S unit is a Stand Alone device that does not require any connection to the dispenser.
It is equipped with a 10″ Touch Screen, a badge reader, a GSM modem with SIM included, a LAN adapter and a USB port for WI-FI adapter (optional).”

The technical characteristics of the L30-S 30-compartment unit

Dimensions and weight
Height: 183 cm
Base: 75 cm
Thickness: 50 cm
Weight: 200 Kg ca
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser
PPE Automatic Dispenser

How it works

Independent storage unit with 30 compartments

The L30-S unit can be customized by joining the doors (max 4 per group) allowing to create compartments of different sizes.

The cabinet can be integrated and connected with other L32 and L16 model units (up to max 8 units).

It allows the material return function and is entirely managed with Cloud Software as the “T” series Vending Machine.

The benefits

L30-S Sinapsi unit

Sinapsi L30-S unit with 30 compartments has a number of useful features.

Availability of 30 independent compartments, with the possibility for return according to customer needs

Dispensing of bulky items, with the possibility of placing an additional 8 Slave units side by side

Connessione GSM/GPRS, con possibilità di connessione WiFi/LAN (opzionale)

Complete reporting that helps to avoid the paper filing for the withdrawal vouchers and the need for local data storage

GSM / GPRS connection, with the possibility of WiFi / LAN connection (optional)

Association with a cost center for each transaction (optional)

Like all Sinapsi solutions, the L30-S unit is eligible for the Transition 4.0 plan and therefore admitted as a tax credit for investments in new capital goods, which is useful for company technological and digital transformation processes.

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