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Sinapsi safety dispensers and units

Sinapsi accident prevention equipment dispensers can be integrated with accessory units. They are sophisticated electronic machines that enable companies to supply safety devices to their employees.

Sinapsi accident prevention dispensers can be used for the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, shoes, helmets, masks or Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) technical items, such as electric tools, screwdrivers, tools for processing, cutting products and much more.

The advantages of Sinapsi accident prevention dispensers are multiple: 24-hour availability, direct consumption control and analysis, 30% waste reduction, reliability and speed of delivery, inexpensive and time saving.


7" touch screen accident prevention dispenser

The Sinapsi accident prevention equipment dispenser with 7 ” touch screen facilitates the implementation of company operational processes: a simple and intuitive interface allows efficient equipment distribution to employees.

Accident prevention dispensers
Accident prevention dispensers


10" touch screen dispenser

The Sinapsi accident prevention dispenser, equipped with a 10″ touch screen panel, simplifies company procedures even further, leading to clear improvement in the dispenser’s usability of various functions, which is ever more user-friendly.


16 compartment unit for dispensers

The accessory unit attached to the Sinapsi accident prevention dispensers, serves to dispense particularly bulky technical items. Its 16 independent compartments can also be used for material return. The accident prevention dispenser, integrated with the 16-compartment unit, becomes a real storage unit that automates business processes.

Accident prevention dispensers


Stand Alone dispenser unit with 30 compartments

The unit that does not require any connection to a dispenser. It consists of a 10″ touch screen panel and 30 independent compartments that can be used for material return. It integrates and connects with other L16 and L32 units up to a total of eight units.


32 compartment unit for accident prevention dispensers

The accessory unit completes your Sinapsi accident prevention dispenser, making it a real company automatic storage unit that is easy and intuitive to use. It consists of 32 compartments that can be used individually or in a combination of up to 4 doors to create spaces according to company needs.

Accident prevention dispensers


Desktop accident prevention dispenser​

The practical Sinapsi desktop accident prevention dispenser is the ideal management solution for large warehouses and distribution of particularly bulky PPE devices which do not enter into other dispensers or Sinapsi units.

Safetycloud DPI

Request a demo of the cloud software!

The cloud management software completes the effectiveness of Sinapsi accident prevention dispensers, simplifying business operational processes.

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