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PPE dispensers in Cloud

The cutting-edge technology of Sinapsi PPE dispensers finds its full expression in the Safetycloud DPI management software:
in cloud management of the inventory and all functional aspects of the machines integrates perfectly with the company’s operational processes.

The plus that marks the evolution 

Safetycloud DPI, the Sinapsi’s software in Cloud

Safetycloud DPI represents the most evoluted and important area of the Sinapsi solution because it is part of Industry 4.0 and the current increasing business processes digitalization.

PPE Automatic Dispensers

Software benefits

  • Easy information sharing
  • Differentiated functionalities for suppliers/customers
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Complete reporting
  • Usability 24/7
  • Portability, as web-based (no client software to install)
  • Security, thanks to the HTTPS over SSL communication protocol
  • Integration with third-party management systems, thanks to the RESTful Web-API
  • Use on-the-move thanks to the dedicated Android / iOS web-app