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PPE automatic dispensers: industrial automation guaranteed

Sinapsi has been offering a variety of PPE dispensers and highly technological wall units for over 20 years, all of which integrate perfectly with company operational processes.

Our solutions

A complete range of PPE dispensers

Sinapsi PPE dispensers meet multiple requirements: Discover PPE dispensers with 7” or 10” touch screens available with 16 or 32 compartment units for bulkier equipment, the 30 compartment stand alone unit or practical Desktop dispenser.

PPE dispensers

Touch screen PPE dispensers

Choose our PPE vending machines with 7” or 10” touch screen panel, the best solution for industrial automation of safety equipment distribution.

PPE dispensers

PPE dispenser units

Choose one of our wall units, provided with 16 or 32 compartments, to complete the PPE automatic dipsenrser or alternatively the stand alone cabinet with 30 compartments.

PPE dispensers

PPE countertop dispenser

Choose a distribution desk for any bulky equipment that does not fit into the other PPE dispensers or into the Sinapsi wall units.

PPE dispensers


The world of PPE automatic dispensers

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The innovation of our PPE dipensers are best seen through Safetycloud DPI, the Cloud Management Software which simplifies the management of machines which are responsible for the delivery various equipment.

PPE dispensers

How we work

A 360° solution for Sinapsi PPE dispensers

The 360° service of Sinapsi ranges from hardware and software customization, carried out by the company’s experts, to a prompt response, provided by the customer assistance. The Sinapsi customer could find a wide and innovative range of PPE dispensers and touch screen storage units, able to satisfy all his needs. With the automatic PPE dispensers a company may easily manage its own personal protective equipment, necessary for the workflow, delivering PPE that perfectly complies with the law regulations and helping to reduce waste. Thanks to electronic badges which enable the use of PPE dispensers by employees, a company can control their use and quantities withdrawn.

PPE dispensers


We take care of all aspects of software and hardware design

PPE dispensers


Simple and intuitive, the plug and play product does not require any specific skills.

PPE dispensers


Sinapsi offers free training - via video conference or in person at its headquarters.

PPE dispensers

Customer service

Each and every request related to our PPE dispensers is followed by a rapid, sure response from our team of professional technicians.

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