La nuova dashboard del software Sinapsi

The new version of Sinapsi software for PPE dispensers

13 October 2021

We are pleased to inform you that an important update of the software Safetycloud DPI has just been released, which improves the inventory management and all functional aspects of Sinapsi PPE dispensers, starting with the new graphic interface.

The 8 new features of Safetycloud DPI

  1. The Dashboard is even more complete. On the new main page you can now find even more comprehensive statistics on product consumption and stocks, as well as widgets for quick management and querying of your PPE dispensers.
  2. The new “On-line Help” helps you manage your dispenser’ database. On each page of the site, a side help has been added to support you in the phase of database entering and configuration.
  3. Unified limits and withdrawal authorisations. In Safetycloud PPE you will now find a new unified management of limits and withdrawal authorisations. See under ‘User Categories’ or ‘Product Categories’.
  4. You can limit the withdrawal of product categories. With the new version of the software you can implement minimum withdrawal limits for product categories.
  5. The software now notifies you if the withdrawal limits are not respected. The new “Withdrawal Limits” report allows you to display alerts if the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are not respected.
  6. Product sorting is the same on the software and on the PPE dispensers. In the new version of Safetycloud PPE the management of product ordering is synchronised with the view on the displays of the touchscreen dispensers.
  7. You can consult the multilingual technical manuals of the dispensers. In the new “Documentation” section of the software, you can consult the multilingual technical manuals on the maintenance and programming of the dispensers.
  8. Share withdrawal limit reports. With the software update you can now automatically generate and send “withdrawal limit” reports to the email addresses specified in your settings (once a month).

For more information on upgrading Safetycloud DPI, contact us!

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